Chronicling the birth of the first Triptych in 2019

Trotter Arts first show for 2019 is in Greenville, SC. We always try to create at least one new piece for each show. This process keeps new art flowing and gives us a new piece to showcase. So, here is a chronicle of how our first triptych of 2019 happened. It’s never as easy as you think it should be!

Step One: The Field Trip

We took three field trips to the Upstate to photograph waterfalls and Fall colors with mixed results. The usual photographers challenges, rain, cloud cover, poor lighting and access. Then on November 10th we drove to Table Rock State Park in search of “The Shot”. It was a beautiful Carolina Blue Sky day and we hiked the Park for hours, enjoying a grand day and taking tons of pictures with the idea of a triptych of Table Rock as the final product.

Step Two: Downloading - Sorting Images - Selecting an Image

This part of the process is always a bit like watching your Family opening gifts that you give them. You’re excited to see the gift opened and you hope it is “The One”. You’re just never sure of what images you have until you open the files. Then the sorting begins and eventually some sort of concurrence is obtained. Can you believe that we may have differences of opinion? Below is the shot we selected:

web Triptych Table Rock.jpg

Step Three: The edit, sizing and printing

In this case, sizing was pre-determined to be a standard size Triptych (37x20 - 3 panels) which is our Large show size. The standardization helps us with storage and transporting our product. We ran thru our normal Photo Shop edits, prepared a layout and print.

Step Four: The Stretching - “The Mistake” - The Recovery

After receiving our printed satin, we custom make our stretcher bars using a chop saw and v-nailer. Then we mount foam board on the stretcher bars and lastly the magic stretching happens. In this case we stretch the three frames independently, making sure that the alignment frame to frame was perfect! After stretching the third frame, we immediately noticed “The Mistake”.

In our excitement for the reflections in the photograph and our desire to have a standard size, we violated a basic photographic concept! Avoid placing the horizon in the center of the canvas….. In this case the horizon is the lake edge. The second problem is the blue sky reflection was over powering the grandeur of Table Rock! As a side note the blue sky without clouds is beautiful, but presents a challenge when printing on satin. Ok, enough gravelling…… what are we going to do to recover? Reduce the height of the piece and definitely mount this triptych on a frame. Below is the result - Still in the studio - Birth of a new triptych!

web cropped Triptych Table Rock.jpg

Step Five: Take it to the Show

We will take this new creation to the Greenville Remodeling Expo at the Greenville Convention Center (formerly the TD Convention Center) Jan 11,12,13. Hoping for positive feedback and a buyer!