Blue Ridge Parkway - Unplanned Stop

Our field trips are always partially planned events. There are planned locations that you have researched and even photographs that you planned to take. However, its the unplanned stops that most often produce the best shots and the most learning!. At mile post 294 we needed a restroom break. We stopped at Moses H Cone Memorial Park, only aware of the restroom sign. Little did we know that we would be taking a two hour break! The carriage trails and the fall foliage were great so we hiked and enjoyed some of the 3,500 acre park. Iā€™m sure that we will revisit this park! Attached are some of the shots that we are contemplating adding to our store. Which one is your favorite? Leave us a comment and we hope you enjoy them! Watch for your favorite our store at

19-10-25 Mose cone Park_0058.jpg
19-10-25 Mose cone Park_0089.jpg
19-10-25 Mose cone Park_0097.jpg
19-10-25 Mose cone Park_0134.jpg
19-10-25 Mose cone Park_0175.jpg