Field Trip - Cape Romain National WIldlife Refuge

Many thanks to Coastal Expeditions who provided a sunrise trip to Bull’s Island and a day trip to the Cape Romain lighthouses! Both of these locations are within the protected boundries of the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. Truly a South Carolina gem and only one of three Class I Wilderness Areas in the United States. Both great field trips!

19-07-07 Cape Romain web 02.jpg

The Bull’s Island sunrise excursion requires an early start, 4:15 am on the dock! Don’t be a minute late because the sun and the captain will wait for no man! This wonderful excursion includes a ferry ride, a trailer ride across the island and a good walk up Bull’s Island’s boneyard beach. We enjoyed about an hour and a half of photographing and the breaking of a new day. It seemed like every few steps on the beach required you to stop and admire the creation! Below are a couple of pre-dawn photographs from the boneyard beach.

19-07-06 Bulls Island web 03.jpg
19-07-06 Bulls Island web 04.jpg

On our second excursion we visited the Cape Romain lighthouses constructed in 1827 and 1857. We enjoyed the ferry ride to Lighthouse Island and the shallow wade from the boat to shore as there is no dock. It was a pleasure to experience a presentation from Mr. Tommy Graham who has personal knowledge and the history of the Lighthouses. Tommy’s presence on the excursion made the trip much more interesting and we hope that the restoration efforts are successful. Below are a few photographs.

19-07-07 Cape romain web 04.jpg
19-07-07 Cape romain web 06.jpg
19-07-07 Cape romain web 07.jpg

Interesting fact(s): Looking directly from North to South, the windows in the lighthouse align and you can see thru the lighthouse windows! The paint scheme of the lighthouse serves as a day marker. And yes, the lighthouse is leaning towards the south.

We love field trips, but now the work begins……. Will we find a shot or two that we want to add to the Trotter Arts Gallery? I’m pretty sure that we have some great shots among the 4,000 images!

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Stay tuned……. I wonder where the next field trips will lead us!